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Achieve Greater Efficiency and Accuracy with Injection Molding Automation

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With an increased demand for faster production cycles and higher quality standards, manufacturers are turning to injection molding automation to revolutionize their processes. Not only can automation streamline manufacturing, but it can also reduce costs for businesses. So, what exactly is injection molding automation and how can you make it work for you? Let’s dive into the specifics.

What is Injection Molding Automation?

Injection molding automation relies on computerized processes and equipment to facilitate the manufacturing process. One popular way to achieve automation is to invest in collaborative robots — also called cobots. Cobots are designed to share space with humans and produce productivity gains that benefit our customers. 

Cobots are instrumental in automating processes that are repetitive or aren’t ideal for team members to complete — such as part placement/removal, de-gating, hot-stamping, and applying labels to products. So, they aren’t made to completely replace human workers within the injection molding facility. Rather, their main focus is to make the process simpler and easier for everyone involved so the customer can enjoy more efficient and accurate production of their custom parts. Cobots are even programmed to work safely with people and stop if they contact a human, making them safe for workers to be around.

Automation can also revolve around servo robots. These robots are capable of assisting with assembly, material handling, packaging, quality inspection, and more. Like cobots, servo robots are designed to assist humans in tedious tasks, reducing error and saving money for the customer in the long run.

But, what are the benefits of using injection molding automation? Let’s look at the advantages in-depth.

Benefits of Pursuing Injection Molding Automation

Reduced Labor Costs

Cobots and servo robots are designed to work in tandem with humans. However, they do play an instrumental role in reducing labor costs by eliminating repetitive or challenging tasks. With a reduced reliance on human labor, we can pass on cost savings to our customers.

Faster Production

Automated machines are instrumental in getting products to market faster. Machines can run without stopping and can keep a consistent cycle time, which leads to repeatable production rates and efficiency. This ensures that the production schedule remains on track and optimal for our clients’ timelines. 

Lower Chance of Human Error

Human error is dramatically reduced when cobots are put into place. They aren’t susceptible to factors like fatigue, stress, distraction, or lack of training. Therefore, fewer incidents take place, resulting in a more productive work environment and even more accurate parts for your project needs.

Reduced Waste

Along with a reduced chance of human error comes a reduction in waste. Machines dramatically reduce the amount of insufficient parts, meaning they don’t have to be scrapped as often. This results in lower amounts of waste and cost savings for the customer.

Additionally, this reduced waste has positive impacts on the sustainability of everyday operations. This lowers your business’ overall carbon footprint, contributing to a greener world. And, with more consumers looking for businesses to enhance their sustainability practices, this could be a big selling point for your business.

Partner with Deluxe for High-Quality Injection Molding Automation

Looking to enhance your operation with injection molding automation? Partner with the experienced team at Deluxe Plastics. We currently have two six-axis cobots in our facilities, and nearly all of our injection machines are equipped with standard servo robots. With years of experience in the injection molding automation space, we can ensure your process takes full advantage of the numerous benefits.

Since our inception in 1928, we’ve been on the cutting edge of injection molding services, ensuring our customers get the best quality products for their needs. Our full-service approach includes everything from initial design guidance and prototyping to injection molding and mold building. Additionally, we offer a range of secondary services, including hardware insertion, assembly, packaging, and more.

With three facilities in Wisconsin and one overseas, our team is ready to handle your project needs. Our award-winning team, sustainable approach, and ability to handle high-volume projects help us stand out from the competition. 

Let’s Get Started

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Deluxe Plastics Staff

Deluxe Plastics is a world-class injection molder that serves a variety of industries such as hygiene, appliance, industrial, and commercial. Since our inception back in 1928 we have been a family owned business that takes great pride in serving our customers. We continue to innovate and focus on quality and on-time delivery which allows us to provide superior products and services to all of our clients.

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