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Supporting the Planet and Our Customers with Sustainable Engineering Practices

At Deluxe, we strive to support the planet and serve the needs of our customers with premium sustainable engineering practices that never compromise quality. 

From using high-quality recycled resins and recycling our scrap materials to tightening our molding processes to eliminate excess waste creation, we’re committed to producing high-quality parts through the most sustainable methods possible. As sustainability continues to rise in importance to our customers, our team is prepared to meet your needs with planet-conscious practices and premium quality products.

Read on to explore some of our sustainability initiatives and contact our team today to leverage our sustainable engineering practices for your next project.

Our Sustainable Engineering Initiatives

At Deluxe, we’re proud of our sustainable engineering efforts, including a local colorant sharing program, recycled resin partnerships, and many more. Here’s how our facilities approach the key pillars of sustainable engineering:


We strive to eliminate waste throughout our processes, taking the time to identify your precise requirements at the start of your project and take a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) approach to ensure your products are created with the least necessary resources. This saves you time and money and supports the planet by reducing material and energy waste. All new products and equipment go through a safe launch to get approval from every department in our company, preventing excess waste. We also utilize real-time scanning to sustain inventory accuracy and ensure new inventory is produced as needed, keeping our energy consumption and resources in mind.


We re-use internal packaging as we’re able to, extending the lifespan of materials to avoid single-use waste. We also have grinding programs in our facilities to reclaim our resins and reuse them internally. Reusing resins and packaging as we’re able to promotes sustainable engineering and maximizes the use and value of our materials.


We recycle as much material as possible, including all shrink wrap, corrugated cardboard, and excess materials, including purge. When we have resin or scrap that cannot be reused, we donate it to a resin recycler to support sustainable engineering practices. In addition to recycling our own, our Medford facility partners with five premium providers of recycled resin and currently processes more than 750,000 lbs of resin.

Thoughtfully Replace

We also make thoughtful replacements to our equipment to opt for more environmentally conscious choices. Our Clintonville location has 13 all electric machines and Medford locations have 21, ranging from 85 to 500 tons, which replaced aging all hydraulic machines. We’re also replacing all shop and warehouse lights with more sustainable LED options, and replacing older LP forklifts with electric options. Our newest 900 ton two-shot machine is a servo drive with a variable output pump, a hybrid between hydraulic and electric that cuts energy consumption.

Choose Deluxe for Sustainable Engineering and Superior Quality Products

Our green initiatives and sustainable engineering practices empower us to produce custom plastic parts to your precise requirements. When you’re ready to leverage our sustainable practices for your products, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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