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Get High-Quality Parts with Our Plastic Pad Printing Services

Plastic pad printing is a common manufacturing method used to decorate and label parts with high detail and precision. It’s a versatile process that uses a silicone pad to pick up ink from an etched printing plate, then transfer it onto a substrate. This option is best for printing on irregular, curved, or textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for injection molded products. At Deluxe Plastics, we have decades of experience with pad printing, and can help you get the ideal choice for your needs. Learn more about our services below, or reach out to our team with questions.

How We Serve You

Custom Designs

Many of our customers need custom designs printed on their parts. We’ll work with you to get the right graphic, ensuring your branding stands out.

Quality Assurance

We use high-grade inks to ensure every print meets high standards. All of our products undergo quality inspection before leaving our location.

Trust Deluxe Plastics for Your Plastic Pad Printing Needs

When you need expert plastic pad printing services, reach out to the Deluxe Plastics team. We’ve been in business since 1928, and we’ve taken on even the most challenging injection molding projects. Hundreds of customers have trusted us for their needs. We’d be delighted to help you, too.

With three Wisconsin locations and an overseas injection molding facility in Vietnam, we’re a turnkey solution for all your injection molding projects. We can handle everything from the initial design to the final secondary processes and shipment. And, we do it all with sustainability in mind. From using high-quality recycled resins and recycling our scrap materials to tightening our molding processes to eliminate excess waste creation, we’re committed to producing high-quality parts through the most sustainable methods possible. We also partake in a local colorant sharing program and recycled resin partnership to enhance our sustainability.

Contact us for an initial consultation.

Full-Service Injection Molding & Engineering

Areas Served

Clintonville Location
220 Industrial Avenue
Clintonville, WI 54929
(715) 823-4200
(715) 997-7068

Medford Location
939 South Whelen Ave.
Medford, WI 54451
(715) 748-2227
(715) 748-1145




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