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At Deluxe Plastics, we understand that molding your part isn’t the last step in the process of producing a high-quality part. Therefore, we offer a wide array of secondary operations to better serve your company, and your production goals, and to help you get your product to market faster. 

Smooth out supply chain issues and logistical challenges with our assortment of Inventory Management Systems, custom packaging capabilities, and warehousing services. Product finishing aspects, such as in-mold decorating, over molding, and custom labeling, add value. Production elements such as pad printing and hot stamping are essential for certain industries and product lines.

Deluxe Plastics can handle them all, and more. Whatever your need, our extensive line of secondary operations adds the required details, efficiency, and customization to meet your exacting standards. From assembly, sonic welding, engraving, and much more, we are here to assist. 

Deluxe Plastics empowers your plastic manufacturing at every stage of production. Our robust list of equipment and experienced team provide needed expertise in mold building. Our collection of 15 full-time engineers leads our collaborative efforts with you in part design to find optimal solutions. With 55 injection molding machines covering a wide range of tonnage, our injection molding capabilities match your specific demands. Finally, customer satisfaction is ensured through our comprehensive Quality Management System

Secondary operations are a vital part of what we do and what we offer. It’s another example of the service Deluxe Plastics provides as a Wisconsin-based injection molding and engineering company. 

You can connect with our team at any time. If you’re ready to examine all the ways Deluxe Plastics can improve your processes through the use of secondary operations, request a quote here.

secondary operations

Critical Secondary Operations include:

  • Manual and Robotic Assembly
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Pad Printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Sonic Welding
  • Spin Welding
  • Custom Labeling
  • In Mold Decorating
  • Over Molding
  • Custom Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Engraving

Full-Service Injection Molding & Engineering

Areas Served

Clintonville Location
220 Industrial Avenue
Clintonville, WI 54929
(715) 823-4200
(715) 997-7068

Medford Location
939 South Whelen Ave.
Medford, WI 54451
(715) 748-2227
(715) 748-1145




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