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Customized Plastic Parts

Revolutionize the Renewable Energy Industry with Customized Plastic Parts

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As the renewable energy industry continues to expand, customized plastic parts are a key asset to harnessing alternative energy sources efficiently and cost-effectively. Highly customizable, these parts can be tailored to solve challenges for an array of alternative energy solutions, and they’re easily repeatable to allow swift production and implementation across a larger scale.

Whether you’re seeking part solutions for solar, wind, water, or another form of renewable energy, plastic parts make the perfect match. Plastic is a vital component of solar energy photovoltaic (PV) solutions, often serving as the protective back sheet that delivers protection from moisture and UV light damage. Plastic parts also comprise many elements of wind turbines and hydropower solutions. 

Learn more about plastic’s role in revolutionizing the renewable energy industry and how expert molders like Deluxe can help.

The Role of Customized Plastic Parts in Expanding Alternative Energy Usage 

Though alternative energy has shifted into a key focus for supporting the environment and combating climate change, many solutions are often expensive and time-consuming to manufacture, especially in the volume required to drive true sustainability efforts. If renewable energy parts are expensive or challenging to create, it can delay sustainability efforts and be a roadblock to implementing alternative energy on a wider scale. 

Customized plastic parts combat this because they are cost-effective and can be produced in high volumes. They’re highly repeatable without losing accuracy, and the flexibility of injection molding allows for designs both simple and complex. Some injection molding processes can also be automated, further supporting high-volume manufacturing and saving time and money. These benefits make injection molding an attractive choice for a wide array of custom plastic parts.

Plastic also offers key benefits as a material for the renewable energy industry and its components. The material is durable, a necessity for renewable energy structures that must withstand heavy usage and the outdoors. Some plastic is also protective against UV and moisture, extending the lifespan of your equipment. It can be manufactured to be flexible or rigid, offering enhanced flexibility in the parts you can create. It’s also available in a wide variety of types and blends, including sustainable choices that use recycled polymer.

Though plastic itself has been raised as a concern for sustainability, some injection molders offer a sustainable approach to plastic engineering that allows you to enjoy the advantages offered by high-quality custom plastic solutions while reducing waste in key ways. At Deluxe, we recycle as much material as possible and do our best to eliminate waste throughout our processes by taking a DFM approach to ensure your products are created with the least amount of necessary resources. We also use many all-electric machines and LED lights to create more sustainable facilities.

Common Customized Plastic Parts Revolutionizing Renewable Energy 

Solar Energy 

Solar energy leverages the power of photovoltaic solar cells, or PV, which transform light into electricity. These cells are naturally fragile and require the protection offered by customized plastic parts. Molded parts can be fitted around the sheets that hold PV cells to offer a durable and reliable layer of protection from light, moisture, and other factors that cause harm. 

Combining plastic with solar cells can support the rapid expansion of solar energy’s usage in various applications, from large industrial solar farms to home usage. As solar energy grows in demand, partnering with an injection molder for custom solutions tailored to your precise solar project can help you fulfill demand on a larger scale. 

Wind Energy

Plastic is an important material for wind turbines. Wind turbines face constant exposure to weather conditions and wear, and rely on plastic molded parts for their rigidity and customization. These parts can be engineered for extreme durability, helping to keep the equipment low-maintenance and high-performing. This saves you money and ensures your energy production isn’t stalled due to poor parts.

Plastic is also lightweight, which allows the turbine blades to spin faster and generate more efficiency. For renewable energy, efficiency is key — with the right molded products on your side, you can optimize your equipment and enjoy faster production without compromising quality.

Water Energy

From bearings to turbines, dam materials, and other hydropower solutions, plastic serves as an innovative and cost-effective material that offers a range of advantages. In one study, plastic bearings were found to reduce bearing wear by 6%, and plastic composites reduced the weight of steel equipment by 50-80%. This lightweight nature plays a key role in the integrity of your equipment and its energy efficiency. 

Plastic is a versatile asset for water energy efforts because it’s reliable, high-quality, and able to withstand unique environmental factors without degrading. You can partner with an expert molder to assess the best design and materials for your part to leverage its advantages and boost water energy use.

Partner with Deluxe for Premium Customized Plastic Parts for the Renewable Energy Industry 

At Deluxe, we’re committed to sustainable plastic engineering and produce customized plastic parts to support a range of renewable energy efforts. We strive to offer start-to-finish support through comprehensive services, from design and prototyping to molding, assembly, finishing, inventory management, and much more. 

In addition to our extensive services that allow you to keep your project under one roof — and within budget — we also offer high volume capabilities. This is key for renewable energy projects that seek to implement high-quality energy equipment across a wider scale. 

We offer three advanced facilities in the United States for engineering your project and one overseas. Each is equipped with the latest technology and an expert team that allows your project to be completed even more accurately and efficiently. This can help you save time and costs, boosting your bottom line. Our team is here to help you every step of the way and ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and always to the highest standards of quality. 

Contact us today for high-quality plastic parts for your alternative energy project.

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