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In-mold Labeling

New In-Mold Decorating Method Provides a High Level of Customization For Dispensers

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The white or black dispensers you are used to seeing in restrooms will soon be a thing of the past. Deluxe Plastics developed a new product for its parent company Alwin Manufacturing, which specializes in providing customized dispensers for the sanitary industry. The product uses a unique process of in-mold labeling that allows for increased decorative customization, creating improved branding and design opportunities that move away from the traditional look.

Often a logo might be hot stamped or pad printed onto a black or white dispenser, and if typical in-mold labeling is used, it only covers a small part of the product. There isn’t much design flexibility or opportunity to stand out with these methods.  

However, that has changed! Deluxe Plastics created a line of dispensers with digitally printed labels, which cover the entire front surface of the dispenser, allowing customization like never before with in-mold dispenser labeling. 

The stainless-steel look is trendy in the industry today. Historically, to achieve the look on the cover, the dispenser would require after-mold processing, such as electroplating or hydro-dipping, or the label would be thermoformed and then cut to size. These can be costly and time-consuming processes. Deluxe Plastics’ in-mold label process provides a completely labeled product right out of the mold with no need for secondary processes.  

How Full Cover In-Mold Labeling is Performed

In mold-labeling starts with digitally printing a design on an ABS sheet,  which is then laminated with a protective film. The labels are die-cut based on the shape of the dispenser design. Automation is used to pick up the label and precisely place it within the mold cavity. A static charge holds the label in place and prevents movement during molding. Melted thermoplastic (typically ABS) is injected into the mold, and the label is fused to the plastic creating a fully integrated label and dispenser cover that requires no additional decorating.

Benefits of Full Cover In-Mold Labeling

In-mold labeling has been used for decades in packaging and for putting logos on durable goods. While decorating the full dispenser cover is new to the industry, the process offers many benefits.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Digital printing produces high-quality graphics, vibrant colors, and intricate designs and logos. From faux surface finishes, like stainless steel, to photo-realistic designs, digitally printed in-mold labels can provide a one-of-a-kind look that can enhance your brand. The high-quality finish and graphic capabilities allow companies to create a strong and consistent brand identity. 

Increased Durability

Since the ABS laminated in-mold labels are integrated into the product, they offer superior wear resistance. They won’t peel, scratch, fade, or become damaged by cleaners, ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality finish. 

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings 

Unlike other labeling and decorating methods, product decorating is complete when removed from the mold. This eliminates secondary decorating operations that could slow production and increase equipment and labor costs. Customers get their dispensers faster and experience cost savings.  

Contact Deluxe Plastics to learn how to elevate your dispensers with high graphic decoration. 

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